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Automated Dispensing Cabinet
A Patient-centric Ward Stock Medication Management Solution

BD Pyxis MedStation

BD Pyxis MedStation is an automated medication dispensing system for decentralized management in the ward. It helps to dispense the right medications, for the right patients, at the right time, and transform medication dispensing into an automated workflow.

A image of BD Pyxis MedStation
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By Thingsockets Solutions Limited

BD Pyxis MedStataion

Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Key Features

Matrix Drawer of BD Pyxis MedStation

Matrix Drawer

Provides flexible, configurable capacity to store all types of medications, including DD Drugs

Below Minimum Alert of BD Pyxis MedStation

Below Minimum Alert

Displays a complete list of all

medication at or

below minimum level

CUBIE™ Mobile Dock of BD Pyxis MedStation

CUBIE™ Mobile Dock

Batch refilling medication

in the pharmacy

Return Bin of BD Pyxis MedStation

Return Bin with Lock

Secure storage for previously

removed, unopened medication that will be returned to pharmacy

CUBIE™ Pockets of BD Pyxis MedStation

CUBIE™ Pockets

Lib opens automatically to access the prescribed medication

Full Patient Profile of BD Pyxis MedStation

Full Patient Profile

Displays a complete patient

information for the assigned ward

Source from BD YouTube Channel -Pyxis MedStation ES system overview


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Less Time in
Medication Dispensing & Administrating


Minimize Disruptions, Delays & Risk of Medication Errors

Pyxis_icon_工作區域 1 複本.png

Medication Availability


Clinical Workflow & Efficiency


Increase Security & Medication Storage Capacity


Reduce IT Footprint & Leverage Existing Investment

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