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Scan to Assemble Into the Right Basket

Smart Assembly Solution

Smart Assembly Solution utilizes the put-to-light patented RFID technology in providing assembly guidance for users in the prescription assembly process, which significantly enhances the precision and efficiency of the medication dispensing journey. With just a scan of the picked drug item, it guides users in fetching the associated prescription basket with a hint of colored-LED lights.

Smart Assembly Solution

Scan to Assemble Into the Right Basket

Smart Assembly Solution 

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By UniNet InfoSystem Limited

Key Features

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Auto Tag & 
Prescription Association

Automatically associates thingsocket® Zircon Tag with prescription (basket)
through PMS integration

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Distinctive Notification When Assembling 
Is Completed

Colored-LED lights flash in distinctive pattern to notify a completed status of assembling

Smart Assembly Solution_icon-10.png

Scan to Assemble

Supports barcode / RFID drug item scanning for

prescription assembling
(Supporting multiple users)

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Prescription Prioritization 

Urgent prescription order is automatically prioritized in the assembly queue  

Smart Assembly Solution_icon-09.png

4 Colored-LED Lights 

Instantly lights up the colored-LED light, once the drug item is scanned for assembling

Smart Assembly Solution_icon-14.png

Visual Dashboard

Clear and simple display interface to demonstrate the assigned ticket number, and colored-LED indicator

Smart Assembly Solution_icon-11.png

Various Indicator

Light Patterns

Supports multiple users at the same time with different indicator light patterns 

Smart Assembly Solution_icon-15.png

System Integration

Supports existing system integration to streamline the pharmacy dispensing journey
(Drug Refill Management, Uncollected Drug System)


Smart Assembly Solution_icon_2.png

Improve Assembling Efficiency and Accuracy


Enhance Patient Safety by Validating the Drugs Items in Prescription

Smart Assembly Solution_icon.png

Resources Allocation


Reduce Congestion 
in the Waiting Hall


Human Error

hourglass (1).png

Reduce Patient 
Waiting Time

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