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Automated Storage and Dispensing System

BD Rowa Vmax®

The Rowa Vmax® is an automated storage and dispensing machine for box and bottle packaging drugs. It does not just dispense medication by the patented V-picking head technology, but also automatically inputs medication without any manual intervention. Its modular and scalable design offers a flexible customisation setting in the compact environment of every pharmacy.

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BD Rowa Vmax®

Automated Storage and Dispensing System

Key Features

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-15.png

Automatic Picking Head

Up to 13 packages to be picked at the same time

within secs

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-19.png

Optimal Use of Space

One system requires just

6 square meters of floor space

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-16.png

Fully Automatic Inputs

Inputs new goods automatically with expiration date recognition

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-20.png

Refrigerated Unit

Supports medications

which need to be kept at 2-8°C

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-17.png

2D Barcode Scanner

Scans to check expiry dates and drug information

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-21.png

Cleaning Module

Automatically cleans the

glass bottoms

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-18.png

Touch Screen

User-friendly interface for

intuitive operator guidance

EDM_Rowa_Layout Design_v1.1_05July2022-22.png

Second Picking Head

Simultaneous input & output

Source from BD YouTube Channel



Reduce the Burden

on Pharmacists


Accurate Inventory 


Reduce Human Error

rowa_icon_工作區域 1.png

Improve Dispensing Accuracy 

Smart Drug Picking_icon.png

Increase Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency


Improve Resource Allocation

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