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Right Basket to the Right Patient

Smart Issuing Solution

Smart Drug Issuing Solution acts as a final gatekeeper in the outpatient dispensary workflow, which facilities pharmacists issuing the right medication to the right patient. By triggering the colored-LED lights, pharmacists fetch the correct basket within seconds.

Smart Issuing Solution

Right Basket to the Right Patient

Smart Issuing Solution

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By Thingsocket Solutions Limited

Key Features

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Colored-LED Lights Lead to the Right Basket(s)

Colored-LED light signals pharmacists to the correct baskets for issuing

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Auto Ticket and

Basket Matching

System automatically fetches the correct associated basket, once the ticket is scanned

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Support Integration of Pharmacy Queue Display System  

Integrates with PQDS for

ticket number broadcasting  seamlessly

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Automatic Basket-Prescription Disassociation

System automatically disassociates thingsocket® Zircon tag from the ticket number, when issuing is completed


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Enhance Drug Issuing Accuracy for the Right Patient


Workflow Efficiency


Human Error

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Shorten Patient
Waiting Time


Safeguard for
Patient Safety 

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Save Time From Routine Operation to Professional Medication Consultation

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