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Scan & Pick the Right Drugs at the Right Shelves
by Using Patented RFID Technology 

Smart Drug Picking Solution

Smart Drug Picking Solution offers a precise and fast drug picking process, allowing pharmacists to pick the correct drug item within seconds. Each drug shelf compartment is attached with a thingsocket® Zircon Tag, the colored-LED lights visually guide pharmacists to the right compartment and provide
an additional safeguard for the drug picking process.

Smart Drug Picking Solution

Scan & Pick the Right Drugs at the Right Shelves

Smart Drug Picking Solution

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By UniNet InfoSystem Limited

Key Features

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Scan Drug Label

to Pick

System automatically fetches and validates the assigned drug item with just a scan

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Support Multiple Users

Assigns different
colored-LED light patterns to multiple pharmacists
at the same time

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4 Colored-LED

Visually signals pharmacists to
the correct compartment for drug picking


Auto Refresh
Drug Information

Automatically updates
drug information from
drug database

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Verify With
Mobile Devices

Supports drug picking confirmation and approval
on mobile device

thingsocket® Zircon Tag

thingsocket® Zircon Tag

Patented Technology

Equipped with 3-color electronic ink display technology that offers Pick/Put-to-Light pharmacy solutions. Drug information can be updated in real-time. 4 colored-LED lights provide instant guidance for pharmacists. Easy to integrate with existing pharmacy solutions. 

Source from CUHK Medical Centre



Drug Picking Error


Increase Productivity 
by 30-50%


Human Error

Smart Drug Picking_icon.png

Increase Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency 


Learning Curve

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