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Pick-to-Light System

for Pharmacy

PPTL is a drug picking assistance system which integrate Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) with the Pharmacy Management System.
It facilitates the operation workflow of drug picking and assembling in pharmacy and its buffer room. Highly improve the efficiency and accuracy.



Smart Drug Kit System

AnesCheck is a combination of two automated readers - “Pyramid” reader and “Colosseo” reader, which operate along with our Drug Kit Management System.It remarkably enhances efficiency of replenishment and eliminates human error, as the result, it eases the inventory management in anesthesia workstation, pharmacy, resuscitation kit and operation theatre, etc.


Real-time Location

Tracking System

RTLS provides real time tracking and management of medical equipment, staffs and patients within all types of patient care environments.Our precise positioning technology isable to be integrated easily with other Healthcare IT solutions, in order to improve workflow, reduce cost, increase clinical quality and enhance patient safety.

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